Top Recommendations on How to Improve Your Putting

Golf is one of the most favored sports of all and a sport that is enjoyed and engaged by both male and female players of all ages. A sport that requires a great deal of focus and patience, golf can be one of the most frustrating, as well as one of the most enjoyable sports. With golf comes the consistent desire for all players to be able to putt like the

After all, putting is one-third of the game and critical to your overall performance, and most assuredly to that final score. Though advanced equipment can improve a player’s distance and accuracy, putting is more dependent on the overall skill of the golfer rather than the equipment used which means being a better putter involves more than just switching out your putter’s style or brand.

How to Improve Your Putting

1. Body alignment and stability – One of the most important key elements for improving your putting is that of keeping your body and head stable while creating a repeatable stroke that offers you consistent contact with the ball. It is important to recognize that some parts of your body are moving when putting. The more accurate a putt you will present with, and the better your stroke will be. Most golfers make the same mistake of moving their heads just as they putt the ball because of a natural instinct to watch the ball on its journey toward the cup.

Focus on your body alignment and keep your eyes on the impact area of the ball. Practice hitting several putts paying attention to the distance each one travels. Practice putts at different lengths until you can determine how long of a putt is required for each variable length and the speed at which you need to hit the ball. It is important to train and discipline yourself to keep your head down until you have completed your follow through and after the ball starts rolling. By perfecting this simple technique, you will create a more consistent stroke and consistent contact with the ball.

georgia-122721_6402. Practicing your aim – A second important element is perfecting your setup and aim. Begin by surveying the terrain and grounds. Locate the high and low areas and get a good sense for the overall slope of the area. Before choosing your line, study and determine the speed of the greens. Once you choose your aim and have studied the contours of the green, you are ready to putt the ball. After putting, study the way your ball behaved in comparison to your read of the ball. ( A simple tip for aligning your ball is to align the logo of the ball along your chosen aiming line.) This will assist you in diagnosing any problems you may experience with your mechanics following your putt.

3. Being confident and clutch – A third critical element is that of confidence and clutch. Training and disciplining your mind to believe that you can make a putt despite the many you may have missed previously is every bit as important as your putting stroke and your alignment. The great putters are those who try consistently to make every putt they stand over whether it is 10 feet, 30 feet, or 50 feet. Believing that you are clutch, and giving greater focus to making the putt rather than what is going to happen if you don’t make the putt will empower you to remain focused on the cup, and make it happen. Confidence and clutch are keys to the successful putter.


golf-480959_640Improving your putting lies in your setup, alignment, the stability of your body and your overall ability to focus. A healthy mindset is imperative to the successful golfer and the accomplished putter. Believing you can do it, having the patience needed for training and discipline, and the overall mechanics to play the sport will certainly contribute to an improved putting game. Practicing these simple golf tips and techniques will, over time, enable you to putt the ball solidly and consistently, and will help you improve your overall performance and score.