How To Get Your Kid Interested In Golf

The best age to get your kid into golf would be the moment that he or she can stand up on his or her feet and swing a golf club. The earliest I have ever seen a child swing a golf club is two and a half years of age, and this was a great experience, despite the kid hitting the golf ball just 50 yards on a consistent basis. The most encouraging part of this experience was the kid hitting the ball straight down the middle.

How to get your Kid into Golf

The key to getting your child into golf is to ensure you have a good instructor who has a good reputation with kids. Consider those instructors who are very positive, whom your kid can understand, has patience and know how to teach the basics. Because finding an instructor who has these four qualities is often difficult, it is not necessary that you find one who is certified with a recognized organization.

image of getting your kid into golfOnce the instructor has given the kid a few of the basics, he or she will begin to do things just as taught by the instructor. At this level, you should not be afraid to let your kids get into the game by swinging the golf club on their own. Since golf is a game full of fun, let your kids have fun. Ideally, try to keep it simple to avoid frustrating them by issuing them with too much in-depth information.

The kid wants to have fun by playing golf, therefore, make the game fun and ensure they have the right equipment and basics. Some of the right equipment include the right golf clubs that is golf clubs with the right length (avoid those with flexible shaft), sports shoes (tennis shoes are okay). Another essential aspect of getting your kid into golf is the golf course. Before they play the golf course, ensure your child knows and understands the rules of golf. Since learning how to play a good round of golf is our primary objective, it is important that they play the golf course as soon as possible. Moreover, ensure they keep the score and do not cheat.

Why Golf is great for Kids

Encouraging your child to take part in golf is more important in today’s society than ever before. The game comes with so many advantages that can be effective to the kid. Here are three reasons golf is great for kids:

Golf is a self-regulated sport

In golf, there are no referees, no umpires, and no judges. Therefore, you may assume that it is a free-for-all game where cheating is rampant. Well, there exists one all-powerful executioner, jury, and judge. Yourself. The great players of this game would rather finish last and die than to have their peers question their integrity. This urge to penalize yourself when you know you are the only one who saw you break a rule helps shape the character of the kid. Such kids usually develop to be straightforward people with high levels of integrity.

Golf Isn’t Easy

The lessons your kid learns in working at their golf game translate directly to their everyday life. Aside from the ability to keep going when things fall apart, golf is a game that demands dedication, persistence, and hard work. These same virtues are also important to life’s troubles, which not only come at the worst times but also require hard work to get through.

Golf has a Low Risk of Injury

Since it is a non-contact game, the risk of injury is incredibly reduced. That implies it can be played as well as enjoyed for a lifetime. It is among the very few professional games, which has a competitive senior (+50) division. More than a few professional players have been more successful after turning 40 years or so. The other day, a lady approached me on the driving range, and she was warming up for a round. Unbelievably, this lady was 92 years by that time. Like her, this game can be enjoyed by your kids throughout their lifetime.


Teaching your child golf is fun and developing a way to get them into this game is highly recommended. They will learn how to take the discipline associated with golf into their everyday life, and this will help with their development. Remember, your kid is the future and making sure they start in the right direction is important.