PGA Tour’s Drug Testing Policy

pga tour drug testing policyThere is a lot of talk going around the club about the PGA Tour’s drug testing policy. Some people are for it, and others are against it. I am not totally against it, but it seems like they aren’t taking it seriously enough. They seem to pick and choose the punishments depending on what play gets accused.

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I am totally against performance enhancing drugs, and don’t understand how or why anyone would use them. I think it is completely unfair and stupid to take them, and even if you win the competition whilst taking drugs, you don’t deserve it because you have cheated. I would never take them; I want to play and win with my talents, and I don’t need anything to help me.

I do kind of disagree about the recreational drug testing. I don’t take drugs often, but I do enjoy the odd joint now and again. I think these drugs are a personal choice, and if they affect my playing, it will be in a bad way and that’s my fault. I always make sure though that I never smoke anywhere near a tournament, so I can give my best performance. At the same time I do think that if you are going to test for drugs, then it will have to be all drugs. At least we know so that we have to make a conscious effort to stay away from them. For me, golf is much more important than any drug high; I get my own high from playing.
pga tour drug testing policy2I feel that the PGA isn’t organized about the whole policy, and are unsure what to do sometimes. The tests are completely random and are not at all tournaments or for all players. I think if you are going to test, then test properly, do everyone. Plus, I think they should be doing blood tests, not urine. It all seems like a bit of a joke. Some high profile players have been caught out, and nothing has been said, and even in some cases, no punishment has been given.

If you are going to test professional players for drug use, test them all and give them a punishment. If they have been taking drugs then, they obviously don’t take the sport seriously and don’t deserve to be playing. I and many of my golfing friends, think that the PGA just singled out Doug Barron just to make them look like they were taking the drug policy serious. They let so many others off which is completely unfair. Maybe it is better for everyone to know who tested positive and what their punishment is so that they, and everyone else can learn from it.

I understand that the PGA tour must test, but I would prefer if they did it in a more professional way. At the moment, they look a bit silly.