How To Properly Use Synthetic Urine

image of synthetic urine peeing stall 1Synthetic urine has become more and more popular as a means of beating drug tests. Since synthetic urine is used by laboratories to calibrate machines that test urine, it is an excellent alternative to failing a drug test. For those who are frequent smokers of marijuana on the weekend, never at work, they can still fail a drug test if they smoked a joint on Saturday and took the test on Monday morning.

As such, synthetic urine can help a person keep their job, get a promotion, or even get a job as many companies are now requiring drug tests as part of the employment application process.

On a lighter note, PGA Tour golfer Dustin Johnson recently failed a drug test that caused him to be suspended. We talk about it here. Maybe he should have used synthetic urine?

The thing about synthetic urine is that it must be used in such a way that it is not recognized as being synthetic. If a person is caught using synthetic urine in a drug test, it is as bad as admitting to drug use.

There are many types of synthetic urine companies, but only a few know how to do the job properly. These companies are Ultra Pure, Quick Fix, Test Clear and Magnum.

Another thing to consider when you are using synthetic urine is the temperature of the urine is very important. When urine comes out of the body, it comes out at roughly 91 degrees Fanreinhet. The urine you put in the cup must also be that temperature, and it can be a bad idea to put the urine in a fridge to store it. Instead, use a microwave to heat it up, or hand warmers to warm it.

You can also tape the container to your body and use your body to help heat up the synthetic urine so that it is close to the proper temperature. Some companies provide a temperature gauge on the container itself, so you know exactly how warm the urine is before you use it.

Synthetic urine also comes with instructions for how to use it and how to heat it. Often, 10 seconds in a microwave should do it for you.

Some synthetic urine is available mixed in the plastic bottle, and it already has a plastic heating pad attached, which will keep the temperature at about 91 degrees for up to six hours.

Before you use the synthetic urine, you should also shake the job a bit. This will prevent settling from occurring, and you want to make sure everything is mixed properly. You can also heat synthetic urine multiple times without any problems, so feel free to do so.

There is the belief that you can substitute other types of urine, even dog or animal urine, but this is not true. It is incompatible, and it will cause the specimen to be completely rejected. You can use urine from someone who has not been doing drugs, and sex distinction cannot be determined using urine.

Using synthetic urine can go a long way to helping you keep your job, but you need to make sure you use the synthetic urine properly. Otherwise, you could wind up in a lot of troubles.

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