How To Get Your Kid Interested In Golf

The best age to get your kid into golf would be the moment that he or she can stand up on his or her feet and swing a golf club. The earliest I have ever seen a child swing a golf club is two and a half years of age, and this was a great experience, despite the kid hitting the golf ball just 50 yards on a consistent basis. The most encouraging part of this experience was the kid hitting the ball straight down the middle.

How to get your Kid into Golf

The key to getting your child into golf is to ensure you have a good instructor who has a good reputation with kids. Consider those instructors who are very positive, whom your kid can understand, has patience and know how to teach the basics. Because finding an instructor who has these four qualities is often difficult, it is not necessary that you find one who is certified with a recognized organization.

image of getting your kid into golfOnce the instructor has given the kid a few of the basics, he or she will begin to do things just as taught by the instructor. At this level, you should not be afraid to let your kids get into the game by swinging the golf club on their own. Since golf is a game full of fun, let your kids have fun. Ideally, try to keep it simple to avoid frustrating them by issuing them with too much in-depth information.

The kid wants to have fun by playing golf, therefore, make the game fun and ensure they have the right equipment and basics. Some of the right equipment include the right golf clubs that is golf clubs with the right length (avoid those with flexible shaft), sports shoes (tennis shoes are okay). Another essential aspect of getting your kid into golf is the golf course. Before they play the golf course, ensure your child knows and understands the rules of golf. Since learning how to play a good round of golf is our primary objective, it is important that they play the golf course as soon as possible. Moreover, ensure they keep the score and do not cheat.

Why Golf is great for Kids

Encouraging your child to take part in golf is more important in today’s society than ever before. The game comes with so many advantages that can be effective to the kid. Here are three reasons golf is great for kids:

Golf is a self-regulated sport

In golf, there are no referees, no umpires, and no judges. Therefore, you may assume that it is a free-for-all game where cheating is rampant. Well, there exists one all-powerful executioner, jury, and judge. Yourself. The great players of this game would rather finish last and die than to have their peers question their integrity. This urge to penalize yourself when you know you are the only one who saw you break a rule helps shape the character of the kid. Such kids usually develop to be straightforward people with high levels of integrity.

Golf Isn’t Easy

The lessons your kid learns in working at their golf game translate directly to their everyday life. Aside from the ability to keep going when things fall apart, golf is a game that demands dedication, persistence, and hard work. These same virtues are also important to life’s troubles, which not only come at the worst times but also require hard work to get through.

Golf has a Low Risk of Injury

Since it is a non-contact game, the risk of injury is incredibly reduced. That implies it can be played as well as enjoyed for a lifetime. It is among the very few professional games, which has a competitive senior (+50) division. More than a few professional players have been more successful after turning 40 years or so. The other day, a lady approached me on the driving range, and she was warming up for a round. Unbelievably, this lady was 92 years by that time. Like her, this game can be enjoyed by your kids throughout their lifetime.


Teaching your child golf is fun and developing a way to get them into this game is highly recommended. They will learn how to take the discipline associated with golf into their everyday life, and this will help with their development. Remember, your kid is the future and making sure they start in the right direction is important.

Top Recommendations on How to Improve Your Putting

Golf is one of the most favored sports of all and a sport that is enjoyed and engaged by both male and female players of all ages. A sport that requires a great deal of focus and patience, golf can be one of the most frustrating, as well as one of the most enjoyable sports. With golf comes the consistent desire for all players to be able to putt like the

After all, putting is one-third of the game and critical to your overall performance, and most assuredly to that final score. Though advanced equipment can improve a player’s distance and accuracy, putting is more dependent on the overall skill of the golfer rather than the equipment used which means being a better putter involves more than just switching out your putter’s style or brand.

How to Improve Your Putting

1. Body alignment and stability – One of the most important key elements for improving your putting is that of keeping your body and head stable while creating a repeatable stroke that offers you consistent contact with the ball. It is important to recognize that some parts of your body are moving when putting. The more accurate a putt you will present with, and the better your stroke will be. Most golfers make the same mistake of moving their heads just as they putt the ball because of a natural instinct to watch the ball on its journey toward the cup.

Focus on your body alignment and keep your eyes on the impact area of the ball. Practice hitting several putts paying attention to the distance each one travels. Practice putts at different lengths until you can determine how long of a putt is required for each variable length and the speed at which you need to hit the ball. It is important to train and discipline yourself to keep your head down until you have completed your follow through and after the ball starts rolling. By perfecting this simple technique, you will create a more consistent stroke and consistent contact with the ball.

georgia-122721_6402. Practicing your aim – A second important element is perfecting your setup and aim. Begin by surveying the terrain and grounds. Locate the high and low areas and get a good sense for the overall slope of the area. Before choosing your line, study and determine the speed of the greens. Once you choose your aim and have studied the contours of the green, you are ready to putt the ball. After putting, study the way your ball behaved in comparison to your read of the ball. ( A simple tip for aligning your ball is to align the logo of the ball along your chosen aiming line.) This will assist you in diagnosing any problems you may experience with your mechanics following your putt.

3. Being confident and clutch – A third critical element is that of confidence and clutch. Training and disciplining your mind to believe that you can make a putt despite the many you may have missed previously is every bit as important as your putting stroke and your alignment. The great putters are those who try consistently to make every putt they stand over whether it is 10 feet, 30 feet, or 50 feet. Believing that you are clutch, and giving greater focus to making the putt rather than what is going to happen if you don’t make the putt will empower you to remain focused on the cup, and make it happen. Confidence and clutch are keys to the successful putter.


golf-480959_640Improving your putting lies in your setup, alignment, the stability of your body and your overall ability to focus. A healthy mindset is imperative to the successful golfer and the accomplished putter. Believing you can do it, having the patience needed for training and discipline, and the overall mechanics to play the sport will certainly contribute to an improved putting game. Practicing these simple golf tips and techniques will, over time, enable you to putt the ball solidly and consistently, and will help you improve your overall performance and score.

The Underrated Health Benefits Of Golf

Meet a never-say-die athlete and get to hear his story. He’s tough, strong and endures all challenges. He is in good shape because every time he competes, he covers enormous amounts of ground for hours. He is in touch with nature and fresh air. He can play for a team, with a partner or by himself. The challenges he faces are both mental and physical. Through practice, the athlete is prepared for both.

The athlete is a golfer.
Believe it or not, the average round of golf requires a golfer to walk 3 miles or more. That means that a golfer burns just as many calories in a round of golf as a player does in a 60-minute football game. It may sound incredible, but it’s true. Golfing doesn’t require the high-stress levels of contact sports on bones and joints either.

image of golf health benefitsBesides the lessened levels of physical stress, golf relieves mental and emotional anxiety. Golf requires mental concentration that disciplines and focuses the mind. Golf improves balance and coordination, especially among older players. Golfers can focus better on tasks, and their hand-eye coordination is better than non-athletes.

The key to losing weight by playing gold is, obviously, not using a gold cart. Adding the weight of the clubs by carrying them around the course is a physical challenge that not many people can bear. The clubs can weigh as much as 50 pounds. Once the weight of the clubs is factored in with walking, gold becomes an aerobic activity. On average, golfers who play 3 to 4 times per week burn enough calories from walking to lose a little over 1 pound per week or 52 pounds per year.

Gary Player once noted that the best way to solidify weight loss and make it a true fitness component.

There are more benefits…

image of golf driving rangeProbably the most overlooked part of a fitness regimen anchored in golf is the benefit that golfing brings to the back and legs. The golf swing is one of the few movements in any sport that require every muscle in the back to work. Every time a golfer makes a swing, all of his back muscles are used.

A golfer’s hands and wrists become very strong after taking up the sport. As a baseball player, wrist motion, and proper technique are essential for a wining golfer.

Golf is a proven way to sleep better and rest. Spending three or four hours on a golf course, conversing with a group of golfers and carrying clubs around raises the heart rate and strengthens the heart.

It lowers blood pressure by increasing circulation from walking the course.

It is always important to remember that golf alone will help a person reach part of their fitness goals. The other parts come from proper eating and nutrition habits.

Although the golfer is often overlooked when fans list the sports that require athletic fitness, the health benefits of golf are scientifically proven and time tested.

PGA Tour’s Drug Testing Policy

pga tour drug testing policyThere is a lot of talk going around the club about the PGA Tour’s drug testing policy. Some people are for it, and others are against it. I am not totally against it, but it seems like they aren’t taking it seriously enough. They seem to pick and choose the punishments depending on what play gets accused.

Read the latest article about Dustin Johnson’s PGA suspension for violating the drug policy.

I am totally against performance enhancing drugs, and don’t understand how or why anyone would use them. I think it is completely unfair and stupid to take them, and even if you win the competition whilst taking drugs, you don’t deserve it because you have cheated. I would never take them; I want to play and win with my talents, and I don’t need anything to help me.

I do kind of disagree about the recreational drug testing. I don’t take drugs often, but I do enjoy the odd joint now and again. I think these drugs are a personal choice, and if they affect my playing, it will be in a bad way and that’s my fault. I always make sure though that I never smoke anywhere near a tournament, so I can give my best performance. At the same time I do think that if you are going to test for drugs, then it will have to be all drugs. At least we know so that we have to make a conscious effort to stay away from them. For me, golf is much more important than any drug high; I get my own high from playing.
pga tour drug testing policy2I feel that the PGA isn’t organized about the whole policy, and are unsure what to do sometimes. The tests are completely random and are not at all tournaments or for all players. I think if you are going to test, then test properly, do everyone. Plus, I think they should be doing blood tests, not urine. It all seems like a bit of a joke. Some high profile players have been caught out, and nothing has been said, and even in some cases, no punishment has been given.

If you are going to test professional players for drug use, test them all and give them a punishment. If they have been taking drugs then, they obviously don’t take the sport seriously and don’t deserve to be playing. I and many of my golfing friends, think that the PGA just singled out Doug Barron just to make them look like they were taking the drug policy serious. They let so many others off which is completely unfair. Maybe it is better for everyone to know who tested positive and what their punishment is so that they, and everyone else can learn from it.

I understand that the PGA tour must test, but I would prefer if they did it in a more professional way. At the moment, they look a bit silly.

A Look At My Life Outside Of Golf

balance life no drugsAlthough most of my life revolves around golf, I do enjoy doing other things. Having a young son and a beautiful wife, I have to spend time with them too. She knows that golf is my passion and doesn’t mind that I spend most of my weekends and even some evenings playing. My wife will often come to the golf club on the weekends and watch me, like she used to when we first met, and is very supportive.


I do try to spend some time with my family though, as my son seems to be growing up so fast, and I have missed a lot of it either at work or playing golf. When he turned 1, it suddenly hit me that I had missed his first words and his first steps all because I had been too busy. So I made a decision to make more of an effort to spend more time with them. Here are 9 additional tips to create a balanced lifestyle.

I didn’t want to cut down on the time I spend playing golf, but I tried to make sure it was only on the weekends. I normally wake up early to go and play so that I can try to make afternoons free for some family time. We do different things, like if the weather is good we take our son to the park, he can run around the playground whilst we eat ice cream and watch him.

balance life no drugs 2We sometimes rent a boat on the lake or feed the ducks. There is a mini golf place nearby, which I want to take my son to when he is old enough. When they are at the golf club with me, once I have finished my match, I take my son around on the buggies up and down the hills while he laughs. On weekday evenings, we sometimes go to the cinema, but when it is the 3 of us we normally have to see a cartoon. I quite enjoy it, and my son loves it. Twice a month, my wife and I try to have a date night, and we use our neighbor’s daughter to babysit. We will go out for a nice meal, go and see a real movie or go out with some friends.


I need a bit of guy time too. I have some good friends at the golf club, but not all of my friends are into golf. So I also have to find time to spend with my buddies. We have the odd night playing poker with some beer and the odd joint, or go to a bar to watch the game. A few of the guys are in a soccer team, so we sometimes meet up and have a game of soccer.

I enjoy games like soccer and baseball, but only now and again. I’m not the beefy dude that wants to run around all day. What I like in golf is that I can take my time, and it is all about precision. When I’m playing soccer, I’ve got no time to think about precision, I just got to kick the ball anywhere towards goal direction. Maybe it’s just me, but I prefer the slower kind of sports. I have played golf since I was young, and it was always my preferred sport over anything else. I always wished there was

I have played golf since I was young, and it was always my preferred sport over anything else. I always wished there was golf at high school, but I had to pick soccer instead which I never excelled at, but I think it was because I always had golf in the back of my mind. I don’t think you can ever get good at something you wish you weren’t doing. I like to give lessons at the club too.

When there are teenagers wanting to learn, or know the basics, but want to improve their skills, I hold lessons on the weekends after my match. Not only do I teach their skills, it’s about learning the game overall, with things like posture, attitude and shot techniques. I enjoy because I am sharing my talents with others, and to see them grow and improve is nice.


My third love in my life, after my family and golf, is my bike. When I was 18, I got my first motorcycle and have never lived without one since then. I have had my big cruiser for two years now, and I love it. I don’t drive it to work, but I usually use it to go to the club. I keep my equipment at the club and get changed when I’m there, so I don’t need to take anything with me.

My bike gives me a sense of freedom, and I feel like I’m flying when I ride. I love to buy custom parts and change it around so that it looks one of a kind, and right now, it looks fantastic. I clean it once a week and meet up with other friends that have bikes to go cruising when I have time. My wife used to love coming on the back, but it doesn’t happen very often since we had our son.


The small holidays I get every year from work; I like to spend travelling. I normally alter between golf destinations and family holidays. Going to different places to play golf is a great experience, trying new courses, different climates and playing against new players. My wife and I love to travel when we can, and now our son does too. We always pick a new destination, so that we can see as many countries as we can. I love to visit new places and learn about how other cultures live.

I think it gives you more of an open mind and makes you grateful for what you have. It’s difficult to find time in my life for everyone. I work long hours and most of my free time I play. Some people get offended that I spend so much time playing golf, but I have to play to practice and grow as a player. Luckily my wife understands, and that’s what matters most.

PGA Golfer Dustin Johnson Should Use Synthetic Urine Next Time

pga golf faces drug testAs a human, I feel bad about the recent events in the life of Dustin Johnson. Before he failed his drug test, leaving him off the PGA Tour for months, the seasoned veteran suffered multiple heartbreaks at the majors.

Dustin Johson has never won a PGA tour major but has been close many times. He’s led with only a few holes remaining in the British Open, only to hit a critical shot out of bounds.

Do you remember the events that unfolded at Whistling Straits? He thought he had won the tournament after putting out on the 18th hole. He later found out that a small area of sand was considered a bunker. Instead of winning the tournament, he was forced to join a playoff. He ended up losing in the playoff.

In between those majors, Dustin has been dating Wayne Gretzky’s daughter. When I first saw her, I thought she was a party girl. Well, it turns out I was right. Her and Dustin have been living the “good life” for the past few years. They hop around to some of the biggest parties and snort cocaine. I have never done cocaine, but I’m aware it can be addicting; it can seriously impact a person’s life. My best friend in college suffered from cocaine addiction.

On a lighter note, Dustin should have taken a synthetic urine to pass his urine test. Another friend of mine was applying for a job at Home Depot. He found out that they drug test. He did a Yahoo search for “best synthetic urine” and found this site. Funny enough, he took the advice and bought a powdered urine kit. Maybe the golf star would have passed if he had found the Drug Rehab Alliance site (ha).

Okay, back to a more serious tone. Drug addiction, of any kind, is a serious matter. Dustin Johnson did the right thing and took the drug exam without cheating. The news spread quickly and it made Johnson reach out for help. He’s currently attending rehab to get his cocaine issue fixed.

What are your thoughts on the situation? Do you feel bad for him, or do you think it’s time for him to grow up?

Let us hear it below!

How Protein Powder Calmed This Women Golfer

I received this email from a reader. They were reading the previous post where I talk about the importance of protein powder. Well, this golfer recently suffered an injury and says protein powder is one of the main things that keeps her going. Her story:

“The next day marked the start of the golf season, or at least the time when the weather cooperated enough. Before any golf rounds were going to start, I had to help a friend lift his two reclining chairs. All of a sudden a pain shot up through my lower right back. This had happened before in life and I knew exactly what it was. I had pulled a muscle in my back and would not be able to golf for a month according to what the doctor said.

I was devastated: the sport I could not wait to play just got delayed. Not what I was looking for. I was not able to hit up the golf course on opening day, but would not be able to exercise either. I am a little bit of a health freak when it comes to keeping my body in shape, and was a little concerned on what I would do. I could not go to the range and hit a few balls, let alone hit any putts. That also meant no crunches and push-ups. I even said goodbye to the walk I do five days a week.

I am a positive thinker and this negative experience took control of me. Then a friend told me about Whey Protein Powder. She said, “the reason I am telling you about this, is, because I was injured once too and was in your same position.” Well, there went my day dream and desiring to make it my reality, my friend had my attention.

She started to tell me about how she would use this in between meals if she felt hungry; and at times would just use the protein powder in the morning and not feel any loss of appetite or hunger until dinner. Now thoughts are running through my conscious mind. One, the doctor said it will be a month before I can swing a club again. Two, I don’t want to gain weight and throw my game off. I took the chance and this is what happened. Not only did I maintain my weight throughout this injury, I felt less stressed. I was healed in less than the 30 days. The doc said I would be fine, but I still decided to keep using the whey protein powder. The point is, even though I had an injury that prevented me from golfing when I desired to, I found an answer to maintain my weight”

I can totally relate to golf injuries. Actually, I’m recovering from golfer’s elbow. This video has been great in my recovery process.

Golf, Fitness, and Protein Powder Supplementation – Elevate Your Game

Golf and Protein SupplementationGolf is an interesting and complex sport. I came to realize that one can take a lifetime honing all the skills required for a stellar golf game–and not get very far. It dawned on me that a solid golf game can only be built with a consistent workout and healthy diet. Despite the many ideologies that golf is not an athletic sport, I beg to differ. I became a better golfer after realizing the significance of embracing protein supplements and a daily routine of workout.

Going To The Gym

This has been a positive way of maintaining my fitness. Mostly done in the morning, the side stretch is always the first exercise. It calls for a straight stature where I make sure one of my hands reaches over the other shoulder. It flexes the muscles, especially after routine jogging. The oblique muscles also stretches, hence a massive improvement with my swing. The quadriceps stretch is always the second exercise where I place a supporting chair next to me; then I place my foot on it. To ensure that my golf swing gets the desired stretch, I rotate my body’s trunk. A light cool down would mark the end of the gym session. I have realized a major improvement in my flexibility and golf swing on the course; we can thank the gym sessions for that.

Protein Supplementation

Nutrition is critical for a golfer’s success. As golf keeps turning into an advanced and challenging sport, hydration and nutrition has jumped up in importance. My concentration and energetic stance have greatly improved because of the protein supplements I consume. The quality of the protein is what I consider, rather than the quantity. Despite the fact that most nutrients emanate from carbohydrates, my pre-game plan always has proteins as a core nutritional component. At first, I had no idea which protein powder to choose. It’s a little embarrassing, but I found all the information on a female based protein powder site.  I use the Jay Robb brand and love it. Its sugar and carbohydrate content is very low. The energy it necessitates into my body is a thing to recollect every time I take on the golf course. The previous issues I experienced with muscle breakdown are a thing of the past. My muscle recovery rate has also improved dramatically. Hole 1 to hole 18 call for energy maintenance and sustenance, and protein powder (Jay Robb brand) delivers. Despite embracing the supplements, I also watch on my diet.

Eating and Sleeping Habits

Golfing is a sport that requires discipline in line with one’s daily routine. The meals that I consume in a day are balanced, with fruits as an accompaniment. I have three meals every day, with the breakfast stemming out as the heaviest meal. I consume water at intervals of four hours, and ensure that I have a minimum of seven liters in a day. Sleep is also pertinent to the relaxation of both the muscles and brain, and I sleep for seven hours a night. Golfing is an interesting sport only when the correct measures are taken. The improvement I have realized within the past year is a thing I cherish, and would advise other golfers to embrace discipline in line with their fitness maintenance. I like to keep this blog laid-back. Check out this funny video of a squirrel that steals a golfer’s protein bar. I had to bring it up because we were talking about protein supplementation.

Jack Nicklaus Is The Best Golfer Ever

Is Jack The BestJack Nicklaus earned multiple collegiate awards, won major championships, and competed against stiffer competition, which one may justify naming him as the best golfer of all time. Nicklaus started out dominating golf at the age of 19 by winning the United States Golf Amateur title, and repeated the feat at age 21. Nicklaus’ winning style won him over with his competitors; and importantly, in defeat, he was gracious giving credit to the victor versus pointing out what may have played against him from earning a win. During the first 13 years of his career, Nicklaus took home 12 major championships; yet equally important, nine times he was the running up, and six times placing third.

His best results in majors are lauded to this day. For instance, 17 under par at the Masters, 8 under par at the United States Open, 11 under par at the British Open, and 8 under par at the United States PGA. One should remember that Nicklaus competed against foes that had multiple majors, such as Johnny Miller, Tom Watson, Raymond Floyd, Lee Trevino (six majors), Bobby Nichols, Isao Aoki, Nick Faldo, Ben Crenshaw, Fred Couples, Gary Player (nine majors), Arnold Palmer (seven majors), Seve Ballesteros (five majors) and Greg Norman. No one in today’s game can match this listing of golfers as competitors for a major championship. In addition, one can argue that the equipment used in today’s game brings more competitors into the field as a potential major winner. The advancement in technology lengthens drives, and thereby bringing lighter hitting golfers into the competition. Persimmon woods and smaller grooves for iron play require one to have a lot more skill than today’s golfer has to experience.

One trait that many admire about Nicklaus is his never say die attitude. For example, Nicklaus is credited with six final round come from behind victories in majors alone. Equally impressive, is the 37 top three finishes in major championships, along with 136 top three finishes in PGA Tour events. Nicklaus did very well on Sunday’s, where he won eight of his major championships by having to catch the third round leader.

One trophy Nicklaus did not win in his career was the Vardon, which is presented to the player with the lowest scoring average. Of course, one can understand why since Nicklaus did not play 80 rounds of golf in a given year, which is a requirement to qualify for said award. Interestingly, today that qualifier has been reduced to 60 rounds. Nicklaus has always designed Golden Bear golf courses for multiple years, and was an ambassador for golf all over the world. So one can understand why he did not year in and year out play the minimum number of rounds.

Jack Nicklaus dominated golf and will forever be a golf icon. Nicklaus had more than golf on his plate. He was a dedicated family man, and ran his own business while playing golf tournaments. Ultimately, eras are next to impossible to compare on any subject matter. The drive Nicklaus exhibited when he played, while running his business can be summed up with one of his many quotes: “So my fear was controlling myself, and making sure that I did what I had to do to the best of my ability. If they played better, they played better. As long as I do the best that I could, that was all I could ask for.”

Will Tiger Woods Ever Win Another Major?

Tigers Last MajorTiger Woods missing the Masters has caused us to think about if Tiger will ever win another major and surpass Jack Nicklaus’ record of 18 majors. We might just have to face the reality that Tiger will never be the same. He has not won a major championship since the 2008 U.S. Open, when he defeated Rocco Mediate so miraculously on a broken leg. We do have to give him credit for winning eight tournaments since the start of 2010, but we do not look at him like that, because he is Tiger Woods, and we expect him to do that. This is not a fair way to look at him, but people have very high expectations for the current number two golfer in the world. Just four years, prior to 2010, he had 25 PGA Tour wins and 11 top-six major finishes. Even though Tiger has not been playing like his old self, the great Jack Nicklaus himself remains optimistic that Tiger can still break his record. However, as you read on, I will bring up some reasons as to why he might not win another major tournament for the remainder of his career.


Tiger’s most recent ailment in his laundry list of injuries is his back. As you know, he decided to skip the Master’s in order to have surgery so he could be ready for the remainder of the season. But what is to say his injuries in the past won’t come back to bite him. Fred Couples, who is currently performing very well on the Champions Tour, went through this same thing, and he no longer competes on a consistent basis on the PGA Tour.


Golfers reach their prime around ages 27 or 28, and this normally lasts from seven to eight years, if they are lucky. Tiger is currently 38 years old and not getting any younger. He will turn 39 years old on December 30, and with each passing year, the chances of him ever winning another major diminishes.

One of the more promising things Tiger can look at for confidence is the last three winners of the British Open were Darren Clarke, Ernie Els, and Phil Mickelson. All of them were over the age of 40 when they won. It also does not hurt that Tiger himself has won that tournament three times.

The Competition Has Caught Up to Him

The world of golf is changing. It is no longer just a game for the mature, and highly experienced golfers. There is so much young talent on the PGA Tour right now. Guys like Jordan Spieth, Rickie Fowler, Rory Mcllroy, and so many more are now competing and winning on the biggest stages in golf. There are no longer just a few guys out there that can give Tiger a run for his money. There are multiple, and they are not intimidated one bit by Tiger Woods.

Let’s Sum This Up

Tiger has multiple injuries, he is getting old in terms of golf years, he has much more competition now than he ever has before, and he no longer has the dominance he once had when he was younger. I would say if Tiger still has the ambition and the drive to catch, and possibly surpass the record of 18 majors, he needs to get a move on, and quickly.



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