A Look At My Life Outside Of Golf

balance life no drugsAlthough most of my life revolves around golf, I do enjoy doing other things. Having a young son and a beautiful wife, I have to spend time with them too. She knows that golf is my passion and doesn’t mind that I spend most of my weekends and even some evenings playing. My wife will often come to the golf club on the weekends and watch me, like she used to when we first met, and is very supportive.


I do try to spend some time with my family though, as my son seems to be growing up so fast, and I have missed a lot of it either at work or playing golf. When he turned 1, it suddenly hit me that I had missed his first words and his first steps all because I had been too busy. So I made a decision to make more of an effort to spend more time with them. Here are 9 additional tips to create a balanced lifestyle.

I didn’t want to cut down on the time I spend playing golf, but I tried to make sure it was only on the weekends. I normally wake up early to go and play so that I can try to make afternoons free for some family time. We do different things, like if the weather is good we take our son to the park, he can run around the playground whilst we eat ice cream and watch him.

balance life no drugs 2We sometimes rent a boat on the lake or feed the ducks. There is a mini golf place nearby, which I want to take my son to when he is old enough. When they are at the golf club with me, once I have finished my match, I take my son around on the buggies up and down the hills while he laughs. On weekday evenings, we sometimes go to the cinema, but when it is the 3 of us we normally have to see a cartoon. I quite enjoy it, and my son loves it. Twice a month, my wife and I try to have a date night, and we use our neighbor’s daughter to babysit. We will go out for a nice meal, go and see a real movie or go out with some friends.


I need a bit of guy time too. I have some good friends at the golf club, but not all of my friends are into golf. So I also have to find time to spend with my buddies. We have the odd night playing poker with some beer and the odd joint, or go to a bar to watch the game. A few of the guys are in a soccer team, so we sometimes meet up and have a game of soccer.

I enjoy games like soccer and baseball, but only now and again. I’m not the beefy dude that wants to run around all day. What I like in golf is that I can take my time, and it is all about precision. When I’m playing soccer, I’ve got no time to think about precision, I just got to kick the ball anywhere towards goal direction. Maybe it’s just me, but I prefer the slower kind of sports. I have played golf since I was young, and it was always my preferred sport over anything else. I always wished there was

I have played golf since I was young, and it was always my preferred sport over anything else. I always wished there was golf at high school, but I had to pick soccer instead which I never excelled at, but I think it was because I always had golf in the back of my mind. I don’t think you can ever get good at something you wish you weren’t doing. I like to give lessons at the club too.

When there are teenagers wanting to learn, or know the basics, but want to improve their skills, I hold lessons on the weekends after my match. Not only do I teach their skills, it’s about learning the game overall, with things like posture, attitude and shot techniques. I enjoy because I am sharing my talents with others, and to see them grow and improve is nice.


My third love in my life, after my family and golf, is my bike. When I was 18, I got my first motorcycle and have never lived without one since then. I have had my big cruiser for two years now, and I love it. I don’t drive it to work, but I usually use it to go to the club. I keep my equipment at the club and get changed when I’m there, so I don’t need to take anything with me.

My bike gives me a sense of freedom, and I feel like I’m flying when I ride. I love to buy custom parts and change it around so that it looks one of a kind, and right now, it looks fantastic. I clean it once a week and meet up with other friends that have bikes to go cruising when I have time. My wife used to love coming on the back, but it doesn’t happen very often since we had our son.


The small holidays I get every year from work; I like to spend travelling. I normally alter between golf destinations and family holidays. Going to different places to play golf is a great experience, trying new courses, different climates and playing against new players. My wife and I love to travel when we can, and now our son does too. We always pick a new destination, so that we can see as many countries as we can. I love to visit new places and learn about how other cultures live.

I think it gives you more of an open mind and makes you grateful for what you have. It’s difficult to find time in my life for everyone. I work long hours and most of my free time I play. Some people get offended that I spend so much time playing golf, but I have to play to practice and grow as a player. Luckily my wife understands, and that’s what matters most.