PGA Golfer Dustin Johnson Should Use Synthetic Urine Next Time

pga golf faces drug testAs a human, I feel bad about the recent events in the life of Dustin Johnson. Before he failed his drug test, leaving him off the PGA Tour for months, the seasoned veteran suffered multiple heartbreaks at the majors.

Dustin Johson has never won a PGA tour major but has been close many times. He’s led with only a few holes remaining in the British Open, only to hit a critical shot out of bounds.

Do you remember the events that unfolded at Whistling Straits? He thought he had won the tournament after putting out on the 18th hole. He later found out that a small area of sand was considered a bunker. Instead of winning the tournament, he was forced to join a playoff. He ended up losing in the playoff.

In between those majors, Dustin has been dating Wayne Gretzky’s daughter. When I first saw her, I thought she was a party girl. Well, it turns out I was right. Her and Dustin have been living the “good life” for the past few years. They hop around to some of the biggest parties and snort cocaine. I have never done cocaine, but I’m aware it can be addicting; it can seriously impact a person’s life. My best friend in college suffered from cocaine addiction.

On a lighter note, Dustin should have taken a synthetic urine to pass his urine test. Another friend of mine was applying for a job at Home Depot. He found out that they drug test. He did a Yahoo search for “best synthetic urine” and found this site. Funny enough, he took the advice and bought a powdered urine kit. Maybe the golf star would have passed if he had found the Drug Rehab Alliance site (ha).

Okay, back to a more serious tone. Drug addiction, of any kind, is a serious matter. Dustin Johnson did the right thing and took the drug exam without cheating. The news spread quickly and it made Johnson reach out for help. He’s currently attending rehab to get his cocaine issue fixed.

What are your thoughts on the situation? Do you feel bad for him, or do you think it’s time for him to grow up?

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