How Protein Powder Calmed This Women Golfer

I received this email from a reader. They were reading the previous post where I talk about the importance of protein powder. Well, this golfer recently suffered an injury and says protein powder is one of the main things that keeps her going. Her story:

“The next day marked the start of the golf season, or at least the time when the weather cooperated enough. Before any golf rounds were going to start, I had to help a friend lift his two reclining chairs. All of a sudden a pain shot up through my lower right back. This had happened before in life and I knew exactly what it was. I had pulled a muscle in my back and would not be able to golf for a month according to what the doctor said.

I was devastated: the sport I could not wait to play just got delayed. Not what I was looking for. I was not able to hit up the golf course on opening day, but would not be able to exercise either. I am a little bit of a health freak when it comes to keeping my body in shape, and was a little concerned on what I would do. I could not go to the range and hit a few balls, let alone hit any putts. That also meant no crunches and push-ups. I even said goodbye to the walk I do five days a week.

I am a positive thinker and this negative experience took control of me. Then a friend told me about Whey Protein Powder. She said, “the reason I am telling you about this, is, because I was injured once too and was in your same position.” Well, there went my day dream and desiring to make it my reality, my friend had my attention.

She started to tell me about how she would use this in between meals if she felt hungry; and at times would just use the protein powder in the morning and not feel any loss of appetite or hunger until dinner. Now thoughts are running through my conscious mind. One, the doctor said it will be a month before I can swing a club again. Two, I don’t want to gain weight and throw my game off. I took the chance and this is what happened. Not only did I maintain my weight throughout this injury, I felt less stressed. I was healed in less than the 30 days. The doc said I would be fine, but I still decided to keep using the whey protein powder. The point is, even though I had an injury that prevented me from golfing when I desired to, I found an answer to maintain my weight”

I can totally relate to golf injuries. Actually, I’m recovering from golfer’s elbow. This video has been great in my recovery process.